Roush Yates and Rottler Manufacturing Partner

Roush Yates Performance Engine Group today announced it has partnered with Rottler Manufacturing of Kent, Wash., in a program that will provide better machining capabilities for all engine blocks manufactured internally for Roush Yates' grass roots racing engine customers.

According to Roush Yates Performance Engine Group general manager Jon Giles, Rottler was specifically sought out due to numerous advancements offered by the Rottler F69A, a programmable and automatic machining center. The unit features dual operating systems. The first (the Rottler System) is for easy programming of common jobs, while a second CAD/CAM system is for advanced CNC programming for making parts, engraving names, and much more.

"We have just experienced one of the best performance years in the history of Roush Yates Performance Engine Group," said Giles. "With more than 160 feature wins, we eclipsed last year's record performance mark and look to raise the bar again in 2012. The key to our significant win total has been the diverse number of series that our engines compete in. Such diversity requires us not only to be efficient, but be flexible and ready to adapt new technologies as well - and that is where the Rottler F69A comes into play."

"When we learned of the Rottler F69A's capabilities," Giles continued, "we knew right away this was going to be a major component to take our production to the next level. The addition of the F69A will significantly improve our through put in the shop by cutting down set up times, eliminating the need for multiple machines, and the need for us to send blocks to our other facilities for separate operations.   In addition to the time savings, the versatility will allow us to move between different block types quickly, allowing us to meet the varying needs of our customers while providing consistent quality."

Roush Yates Performance Engine Group offers new engines as well as engine performance upgrades covering more than 60 different engine types, including Sprint Car (360 and 410), Dirt Late Model, Asphalt Late Model, Modified, Drag Racing, Off-Road, general performance (resto-mod), and road racing.

"We are excited about our partnership with Roush Yates Performance Engine Group," said Andy Rottler, company president. "They are a very talented group of people building engines for all sorts of racing. We are constantly striving to improve our products and find out what engine builders and machinists want from our machines. This partnership puts us into a cutting edge facility to not only prove what we can do, but gives us the feedback to continually improve our products."

"Rottler had another great year for equipment sales in 2011," he added, "and our partnership with Roush Yates Performance Engine Group will certainly help us to reach a higher level in 2012. We look forward to a long term relationship with such a professional group of people."

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