Kyle Larson and Bullseye Set to Open Puppy Pit Stop at Texas Motor Speedway

Just about everyone loves coming to Texas Motor Speedway (TMS), and that includes the four-legged friends of many a race fan. This weekend at TMS, Milk-Bone will be hosting two Puppy Pit Stops where race fans can bring their dogs for some activities and pet-friendly refreshments. The Puppy Pit Stops will be in the campgrounds near Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway and in the driver/owner lot.

Larson and Bullseye, the Target dog, will be officially opening the Milk-Bone Puppy Pit Stop in the campgrounds on Friday, Nov. 4 at 10:00am. Larson, a dog owner himself, will cut the ribbon and Bullseye will show how a professional handles the activities inside the park. Larson will be available to speak to media, and both will be available for photos.