Monday, May 16

Landon Cassill Indianapolis Preview

NSCS Indianapolis Starts: 6
Best Indianapolis Finish: 20th

"It's really chilling to go to Indianapolis every time you go through the tunnel and when you make your first laps on the race track -- your first time ever or your first time for the weekend. And it's a place where I really, really enjoy bringing people. I always enjoy having my family there or someone else that will really appreciate the experience.

"Snap Fitness is going to be on the car at Indianapolis. I'm really excited to have them at the track because they've never gotten to experience that level of a marquee race. And I think they're really going to appreciate the power of that speedway and just what it's like. When I sat down with Snap Fitness to talk about their race schedule this season, I told them, 'You need to take a serious look at Indianapolis,' and they were all over it."


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