Friday, May 20

Landon Cassill Michigan Preview

NSCS Michigan Starts: 11
Best Michigan Finish: 12th

"The groove at Michigan has inched its way open a little bit since the repave a few years ago. This year, I don’t know what the tire is going to be like. That’s probably going to be the determining factor on how much the groove opens up. I’ll be able to see on my first lap of practice on Friday if the track’s lighter than it was last year and see how the aging of the pavement has gone.
“We’re approaching the half-way mark of the season, and I have to say I have loved my time so far with Front Row Motorsports. It’s a great team, a great group of people. I love our owner and just everything that is going on here. I’ve been very highly motivated to take advantage of this opportunity and run as well as I can.”


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