Wednesday, May 18

Chris Buescher Pocono Preview

NSCS Pocono Starts: 0
Best Pocono Finish: N/A

"The only track time I have at Pocono is several ARCA races. And we ran really well there. I don’t believe I’ve run there since they repaved it, but it’s a place that I enjoy going to. We weren’t able to shift in ARCA. I know NASCAR has expressed that they would like to take the shifting away, but I don’t know that you would really be able to, as big a speed difference as you have. It’s a fun racetrack, and it’s cool to see the XFINITY Series going there now. I wish I could’ve run an XFINITY race there last year and been a little bit more prepared for this Cup race. But I do have laps around that place and I feel OK going back.
“I remember it being a very wild racetrack going there at 16 years old. You’re going down into Turn 1, and we’re on the chip at the edge of the grandstands, just trying to lift and get back on it. And you sail down into 1, and it’s bumpy and there’s huge washouts. And in the ‘tunnel turn,’ you barely lift and you’re right back to it. It was a lot of fun.”


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