Friday, May 20

Chris Buescher Sprint Showdown Preview

Sprint Showdown Starts: 0
Best Showdown Finish: N/A

“We’re going to learn everything we can during the Showdown for the 600, but we also want to race our way into the All-Star race. We’re going to do everything we can, take some chances. It’s going to be a different car from our 600 car, and, more times than not, two different cars don’t line up the exact same. So, anything that we do learn from a set-up standpoint could differ from car to car. So, we’re just going to go out there and do everything we can to get into the big race.
“Charlotte’s a tough track. I think the transitions into the corners are so aggressive there compared to anywhere else we go. It’s a hard track to get around. And with the newer asphalt, for me, it’s been a little unpredictable on tires. As fast as we’re going, there’s not much room for error. It’s been a tough track for me. Luckily we get to run the Showdown and learn what we can as we try to race into the All-Star race.”


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