Sunday, Nov 28

Chris Buescher Bristol Preview

NSCS Bristol Starts: 1
Best Bristol Finish: 25th

"I love going to Bristol. It's one of my favorite race tracks that we go to. We always seem to run really well there
. It's an awesome short track. I think when you ask most guys, they'll say it's one of their favorite places to go racing. And for a lot of fans, it's a favorite place to go watch. It'll be exciting to go back there with Love's on board. We're looking forward to putting on a good show with them and having a really solid run with our Ford Fusion.

"The current Bristol track conditions give us a couple options. We're still beatin' and bangin', and the cars still wind up looking like they ran your typical Bristol race. But there is a little bit more room to move around. You have different options now where you didn't have options before."


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