Wednesday, Dec 08

Landon Cassill Las Vegas Preview

NSCS Las Vegas Starts: 4
Best Las Vegas Finish: 35th 

"We learned a lot in Atlanta. Unfortunately, we got wrecked in a last-lap crash, but we learned a ton before that happened at the very end. Everybody is going to be adjusting to this new downforce package for a while, and each week we're going to learn more and get better.

"Vegas is pretty different from Atlanta. But I think one thing that we’ll be looking at from Atlanta for Vegas is just how the car gets through the bumps. Both tracks have their own degree of roughness. And it doesn’t matter how different the surface is. There’s something you might learn that will help you in Las Vegas. I try to pay close attention to what the car likes and give the best feedback that I can to Donnie (Wingo).
“I’m not a big gambler or show-goer. I will probably have my bicycle with me in Vegas and go out in the desert and ride the loop around Lake Mead or something like that.”


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