Technology has transformed NASCAR officiating

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Thursday, Dec 03 1426
The numbers are in.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, NASCAR’s automated officiating system already has created substantial, measurable efficiencies.

Since its implementation for the 2015 season, the new system has cut the time needed for opening inspection from six hours to three. The tablet-based recording of information has saved roughly 7,500 sheets of paper.

But on a broader scale, the partnership with Microsoft has had an enormous impact on the way NASCAR inspectors do business, from streamlining communications to enabling real-time data capture—something NASCAR was unable to do with a paper-based system.

Now, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Director Richard Buck can monitor the progress of all 43 Sprint Cup cars simultaneously from one location.

The introduction of Windows 10 and the use of Cloud technology will only enhance NASCAR’s ability to function at the track.

Likewise, Hendrick Motorsports also has entered into a partnership with Microsoft that will help the organization by leveraging the Cloud to analyze data, with the expected result being better, faster race cars with strong, more durable engines.

“No sport generates more data than motorsports,” said HMS general manager Doug Duchardt, indicating the partnership is invaluable in terms of analyzing complex sets of data toward the goal of improved performance.