Tuesday, Sep 28

Power steering, loose wheel end Truex's winning chances

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Tuesday, Nov 10 1532
Martin Truex Jr. took the green flag in second place, next to leader Brad Keselowski, on Sunday’s final restart on Lap 317 of 334.

For one lap, Truex was the equal of Keselowski, inching ahead at the start/finish line to lead Lap 317 as the two drivers rubbed fenders fighting for the top spot.

But Truex soon developed other issues and fell back to eighth at the finish, dropping to fourth in the Chase standings.

“We just rubbed a little bit there in the tri-oval,” Truex said of the contact with Keselowski. “No big deal at all. We were both racing hard. Good hard racing--rubbing a little. It was fun. I wish I could have hung with him a little longer, but my right front wheel starting shaking.

“We had a loose wheel at the end. We were lucky to hang on and get what we did, because with five laps to go, the power steering quit working; it broke a fitting or something. One of those weird days where I thought we had a shot at the win. Our car was real fast at the end of the race. Just a loose wheel and the power steering killed us."

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