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Joey Logano Donates New Roof to Local Domestic Violence Shelter

The Goody’s® Headache Relief Shot® 500 at Martinsville Speedway on November 1 isn’t the only reason Joey Logano is talking about Martinsville and Henry County.

The Martinsville and Henry County  Domestic Violence Shelter will be getting a new roof, thanks to a donation from Logano and the Joey Logano Foundation.

The $7,000 project is a part of Logano’s Chasing Second Chances program to help raise awareness to Domestic Violence during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

“When we found Citizens Against Family Violence (the program that runs the shelter) and learned about the shelter, we knew it was a great fit,” Logano said. “The Martinsville community was hit hard during the recession and when a community has unemployment numbers over 20 percent, non-profits have a hard time raising the funds they need.

“When Warren (the director) said they needed a new roof, we thought that sounded like a good project to take on.”

Citizens Against Family Violence Director Warren Rodgers said the roof has been in need of repairs for a long time, but the money hasn’t been there.

“We’ve been doing patch work on that roof ever since I first started about 18 months ago,” Rogers said. “Every time there’s a big windstorm or a big rainstorm we have shingles come off and water coming inside.”

Rogers said without Logano’s donation, he doesn’t know when, or even if, the repairs would be made.

“It blew my mind. It was like a gift from God,” he said. “Repairs like that are not funded by our state grant and require a considerable amount of fundraising.”

Logano said that the donation is about more than a building, it’s about the people the building serves.

“We wanted to help provide something the local shelter truly needed,” he said. “These women have gone through so much just to get to the shelter and they shouldn’t have to deal with leaks in the roof.

“I just want our foundation’s support of the women at the shelter to offer a second chance so they can improve their lives.”

In addition to the new roof, the Joey Logano Foundation is donating 100 personal hygiene kits to domestic violence victims at the shelter.

Citizens Against Family Violence offers a 24 hour hotline for any victim of sexual or domestic violence. To receive help, call 276.632.8701.

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