Wednesday, Oct 27

Clint Bowyer No. 15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota Kansas II Preview

Most fans living near Kansas Speedway this week have two sporting wishes. They hope to see their Kansas City Royals advance in Major League Baseball’s playoffs Wednesday then watch local boy Clint Bowyer visit victory lane on his home track Sunday.

Bowyer is all for both of those wishes as well.

The Emporia, Kan., native, who drives the No. 15 5-hour ENERGY Toyota, lives in North Carolina but still spends time in Kansas and remains tied to the community even when he’s away.

Each time he’s home he pays a visit to the Clint Bowyer Autoplex in Emporia where he once worked as a teenager. He also has raised more than $2.5 million through his “79 Fund” as part of the Emporia Community Foundation.

Bowyer also takes great pride in the area around the track. Well known for its barbecue he’s often asked the best places to go: “That’s a tough one, but you can’t go wrong with Arthur Bryant’s or Gates.”

Recently, he tweeted about a favorite among locals around Halloween: “One thing I haven’t done in awhile that I’m looking forward to while back in KS this weekend. The haunted warehouses downtown. A MUST!”

Entertainment aside, Bowyer knows he has a job to do in Kansas and that’s put his 5-hour ENERGY Toyota in victory lane Sunday.

KANSAS RETURN: “It’s always a big deal to come back to Kansas and there’s always more pressure to win at home but no more than what I put on myself. I love this place. It’s always crazy because so many friends and family come but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t even imagine the scene if we win at Kansas. All I know is, it would be big.”

CHANCES: “We  nearly got us a top 10 last weekend at Charlotte so I’m optimistic about this weekend. Nobody is laying down at MWR. Both myself and David (Ragan) had strong runs going last week. We want to go to victory lane before the season ends. That would a fitting reward for everyone at MWR.”

WATCHING THE ROYALS:  “Of course I will. Did you see the game the other night? They about gave everyone a heart attack but that’s why they are so fun. They never give up and keep it exciting. I’m so happy for Ned (Yost, Royals manager). It’s going to be fun to watch as usual with those boys.”


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