A business decision for Kauffman, too

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Friday, Aug 21 1703
For the first time since announcing he would buy an interest in Chip Ganassi Racing, Rob Kauffman laid out his reasons for making the move, one that has the unfortunate consequence of idling the Michael Waltrip Racing organization.

I wasn’t personal. It was business. Kauffman said he and co-owner Michael Waltrip remain close, despite the impending split.

“Mike and I are business partners and good personal friends,” Kauffman said. “I think what’s probably missing there is the financial side of the picture. Michael Waltrip Racing really wouldn’t have existed through till today without substantial and continued financial support from me.

“I think that, just from a business standpoint, that didn’t make sense any longer. You can’t have a top-10 budget and top-10 resources and not be in the top 10 for a sustained period of time. It’s a performance-related business. It’s all about performance…

“I’m voting with my wallet as well as heart and continuing to invest in the sport via Chip Ganassi Racing.”