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Kyle Busch believes he has benefited from changing rules packages

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Saturday, Aug 01 1649
Among NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, the biggest fan of adapting different competition packages to different race tracks may just be Kyle Busch.

The driver of the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota believes his talent behind the wheel can prevail with a new rules package before crew chiefs and engineers can catch up with the nuances.

That’s not brag—it’s fact. And the proof is in the performance. Busch has won three straight Sprint Cup races, all with different configurations, from low-downforce at Kentucky to standard 2015 rules at New Hampshire to high-drag at Indianapolis.

“With the different aero packages, I actually was pretty excited about it,” Busch said. “I kind of like change, and I feel like I’m the best at being able to adapt to it the fastest before crew chiefs and engineers get too much of a understanding and a basis of what they’ve got to work on to make those packages better in order to get their driver better or their cars better to be able to keep up with me.”

I kind of like the change. The lower downforce at Kentucky was fun. It was definitely a lot harder than what the other mile-and-a-halves had been this year. I hadn’t run in a whole lot of them. But, just from the driver’s sense of what I got, the off-throttle time was a lot more. Everybody enjoyed it a lot so we hope to continue on down that path.

“The higher drag package that we had last week again it was definitely different and you were definitely able to gain time on the straightaways for sure -- sometimes not as much as if you were in a pack.”

But Busch believes the high-drag package, which NASCAR will run next at Michigan in two weeks, might also be an option at Pocono, site of Sunday’s Windows 10 400 (on NBCSN at 1:30 p.m. ET).

“I enjoyed it, and I actually wouldn’t mind if we had that higher drag package here at Pocono,” Busch said. “I think here would definitely be a race that you’d want to see it with these long straightaways. So, that would certainly make for a really interesting race.”

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