Living Essentials Announces “5-hour ENERGY® Mission for a Million” Race in Support of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Living Essentials, LLC (the distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots) today announced that if Clint Bowyer’s No. 15 Cherry 5-hour ENERGY® Toyota wins on Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race at Michigan International Speedway, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will receive a $1,000,000 donation.  Living Essentials has already committed to donate $.05 from the sale of every bottle of the limited edition, specially marked Cherry flavored 5-hour ENERGY® shot sold in the United States between May 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015 to SOWF.  Living Essentials will provide a guaranteed minimum donation of $200,000 to SOWF in relation to the Cherry bottle promotion.

“In the second year of the program, we want to do something extraordinary to build excitement around our promotion with Cherry 5-hour ENERGY® and SOWF,” said Melissa Skabich, Living Essentials’ communications director.  “Michigan International Speedway is in our backyard, NASCAR fans are passionate about causes that support the military, and the stars aligned perfectly for us to further support this wonderful organization.”

SOWF supports the military's special operations forces and their families through college scholarships, family services, and financial stipends.  To promote SOWF Bowyer drove a special red, white and blue Cherry 5-hour ENERGY® Toyota Camry for several races this season.  Sunday’s race is the final one that features the patriotic Cherry paint scheme.  

“We’re a very small and not well-known organization, so support on this scale from the makers of 5-hour ENERGY® and driver Clint Bowyer gives us tremendous exposure and allows us to honor the sacrifices of fallen warriors by sending their dependents to college,” said Edie Rosenthal, Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s deputy executive director.  “Last year’s donation of $279,061.60 had a profound impact on SOWF, which saw a 99% increase of website visits, and an 11% jump in new visitors to the site from the same time period last year. We also saw an increase in private donations totaling nearly $250,000, which we attribute to the advertising, special events and publicity from the campaign.”

Bowyer, who historically performs very well at Michigan International Speedway, is more than ready for a trip to the winner’s circle on Sunday.  “Pulling out a victory for SOWF would be an achievement of a lifetime,” he said.  “I couldn’t name an organization more worthy of this $1,000,000 donation.”

*The $1,000,000 will be paid in 20 equal annual installments of $50,000 to SOWF without interest.

Speedway Digest Staff

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