France discusses rules

Seth Livingstone - NASCAR Wire Service Monday, Jun 08 1583
Addressing possible rules changes and suggestions to improve racing as expressed by the newly-formed Driver’s Council, NASCAR chairman & CEO Brian France told the Fox Sports 1 panel on NASCAR Raceday that drivers can’t quite agree on what tweaks might make for better racing.

“They can’t agree because they’re competing with one another,” France said, “so what feels good to one driver in terms of the style of racing doesn’t feel as good to another. More downforce, less downforce, more grip, less grip -- all those things they may agree (on) while they’re sort of talking quietly. But once they get with us, it’s ‘Whoa, don’t do that. Do this. Do that.’

“Our job is to make the sport better and have closer, tighter racing, (ensuring that) teams that don’t have the budget or aren’t of the size of some of the bigger teams a better shot to win and compete. … Whatever decision we make, we can’t get enough good information.”