DMi Racing Games open letter to the community

Hello again, NASCAR fans! It’s Ed Martin… President of Dusenberry Martin Racing. I wanted to take some time to answer some of the questions from the community now that NASCAR ’15 has been released…

Is there going to be an update?

Yes. We are reading everything you write and actively working with the developer to fix the major issues that are found. We will keep you up-to-date on timing and what will be addressed. [Yes, we’ve already fixed the PS3 mic issue.]

Why are some of the things from previous games still in here?

NASCAR ’15 was built directly from the previous games and done by the same developer. While we worked to address comments about the previous games, NASCAR ’15 is not a whole new game. It’s a season update. And we released it at $20 (instead of the previous products’ $50) to price it as an update.

Our first all-new game (built new from the ground up) will be coming in late 2016 and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Multiplayer “lag”

NASCAR ’15 is a peer-to-peer multiplayer game. As such, it is subject to the weakest connection among the multiplayer racers – in other words, if one (or more) of the racers has a bad connection, everyone else if going to be impacted by that.

The developer has done all they can to tweak multiplayer in NASCAR ’15 but as noted above, it is based on the same technology as prior games.

Why isn’t in the game?

Figuring out the top 30 or so drivers to be included in a NASCAR game is relatively easy. Filling out the field to get to 43 for the game is a bit more complex – and a lot of it has to do with timing.

The licensing for NASCAR ’15 had to be completed months ago – long before the 2015 season even started (it takes months to license, create and approve a full field of cars and drivers). We try to reach out to all of the teams to see if they are interested in being included. And once we get to 43, we lock the list. Some teams aren’t interested. Some teams weren’t even formed or in a position to do licensing back then. Some times, a team gets back to us after we have already locked the list.

We do our best… Unfortunately, we can’t get every driver in.

More paint schemes!

There will be many new paint schemes released soon as DLC on all 3 platforms. Stay tuned!

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DMi Racing PR