Earnhardt, girlfriend, dog reunited

Jim Pedley - NASCAR Wire Service Saturday, May 09 1658
An inquiring mind in the media center at Kansas Speedway wanted to know why Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s girlfriend, Amy Reimann, was MIA at Talladega Superspeedway last weekend.

Reimann has become major camera fodder over the months. When she’s at races, she attracts a fair share of crossover attention.

Earnhardt Jr. drove his No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet to its first victory of the season last weekend and apparently some wondered why Reimann was nowhere to be seen.

Earnhardt Jr. cleared up the situation at Kansas Speedway, site of Saturday’s SpongeBob SquarePants 400.

“She is at a vacation home doing some remodeling,” he said. “When I met her she was working as an interior designer so she has been working on this property that we have together.  She will be here Saturday, so tomorrow she will finally get here.  And I’m about ready for her to get her because Gus (the couple’s Irish Setter) has been a handful and I just need a break.”

Earnhardt Jr. said that Reimann’s absence at Talladega was not a total anomaly. And from the sound of it, it’s kind of surprising she doesn’t miss more races.

“She missed one of the races last year, Pocono, that we won,” he said. “She was very disappointed.  She has a part-time job that she piddles with just to have some normalcy and interaction with normal people. She doesn’t think that any of us here are normal. She thinks this racing thing is pretty crazy, so it’s fun for her to have some interaction with some real people. Sometimes she misses a race or two because of that.”