DOC 360 Joins Tommy Baldwin Racing at Richmond

Tommy Baldwin Racing welcomes DOC 360 aboard the No. 7 Chevrolet this weekend at Richmond International Raceway.

DOC 360, as a growing brand, aligns perfectly with up-and-coming athletes as they carve their own name in the sports world. DOC 360 encourages individual creativity and innovation in athletes and those consumers that pride themselves on taking on new challenges.

DOC 360, known for its distinctive taste, is available in a variety of regular and diet package sizes. DOC 360 was the first soft drink to launch the innovative chill-activated Slam Can. The re-sealable, recyclable aluminum can turns blue when cold and communicates the excitement and boldness that is authentic to DOC 360's consumers. DOC 360 continuously challenges itself to try new things and encourages their athletes to do the same and make their move.

"Alex (Bowman) is the perfect match for DOC 360," said Tyler Hartmann, Marketing Manager. "He is as passionate for the sport of racing as we are for our products, and we're confident that the NASCAR fan base is going to enjoy the great taste of DOC 360."

"We are proud to welcome DOC 360 aboard the No. 7 this weekend at Richmond," said team owner Tommy Baldwin. "It's encouraging for our team to be attracting new companies into the sport and we appreciate all of our partners."

Speedway Digest Staff

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