Front Row Motorsports Gains Partner

Wednesday, Mar 25 1723


On Wednesday morning it was announced that Widow Wax Products would join Front Row Motorsports as an official car-detailing partner for the remaining of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.

The company, which is based out of Woodward, Oklahoma, works closely with numerous paint manufactures to develop advanced detailing products to the open market. Widow Wax isn’t new to the sport of NASCAR as they served as a primary sponsor in 2013 with Swan Racing. They also served as a primary sponsor with the Tommy Baldwin Racing organization in 2012 at Bristol.

"We provide superior detailing products that enhance the beauty and extended life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and your driving pleasure,” said chief operating officer Justin Kuhn in a press release. “Our partnership with Front Row allows us to test our products in the most extreme of conditions, while allowing our consumers to see first-hand the performance of our automotive consumables."

Since becoming the official car-detailing partner of Front Row Motorsports, the racing team is excited about putting its products to use.

“We’re excited to add Widow Wax to our partnership base for the 2015 season,” said Front Row Motorsports owner Bob Jenkins in a press release. “Their line-up of products is used daily in our industry and we look forward to putting them to good use.”

Dustin Albino

Dustin is a 20-year-old, currently studying journalism at Ithaca College. Albino has always wanted to report on NASCAR and beginning at the end of 2014 that is exactly what he did with Speedway Digest. Since that time he has become well-known around the garage area and is looking to attend even more races than he did in 2015. 

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