Eutechnyx accepts offer for it's successful NASCAR games business

Award-winning game developer Eutechnyx today announced it had accepted an offer for certain of its assets related to the NASCAR Team Properties licensed video game business from emergent games publisher, DMi, Inc.

Eutechnyx has been publishing NASCAR Team Properties licensed video games since 2010 and the successful video game series has notched-up a plethora of critical awards, peaking at the top of the US games charts. The franchise has been developed and published cross-platform on console, PC and mobile.

Eutechnyx CEO, Darren Jobling said, “We are extremely proud that, back in 2010, Eutechnyx adopted an innovative approach to the NASCAR franchise. We brought new levels of authenticity and previously unseen styles of gameplay, applying our expertise to the hugely involved world of stock car racing. We’ve widened the accessibility of NASCAR games to fans worldwide, from console and PC into the emergent world of mobile and tablet gaming. We’re confident that in passing the baton to DMi, NASCAR Team Properties has the ideal partner to build on our success and set their platform for continued growth.”

DMi, led by video game industry veterans Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin, is an indirectly held subsidiary of HC2 Holdings, Inc. DMi is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – the home of the NASCAR industry.

Eutechnyx continues its commitment to innovation and growth, by expanded focus on the development of version 2.0 of its flagship online racing franchise, Auto Club Revolution. The officially licensed, PC, free-to-play racing game is set to be the first of its kind to be released in the Chinese market, in partnership with KongZhong Corporation.

Eutechnyx PR