DMi Games open letter to NASCAR fans on development of new game

Hello NASCAR fans! My name is Ed Martin and I am the President of DMi, Inc.

Who are you? What is DMi? What about Eutechnyx? Tell me what is going on! Well, all of that and more is what I hope to address with this first open letter to the community.

Who are you?
Some of you reading this might know me as I have been involved in NASCAR video games for many years. But let me introduce (or re-introduce) myself. I started in the early 1990’s at Papyrus – before the first NASCAR Racing PC game was ever released (PlayStation’s & Xbox’s didn’t exist back then). From there, I went on to Hasbro Interactive. Then EA Sports. Most recently, I have been managing the business side of Eutechnyx’ NASCAR games.

What (who) is DMi?
As of January 1, 2015, DMi became NASCAR’s exclusive licensee for video games and digital entertainment. It is a deal that had been in the works for several months. But it was something that could not be disclosed until everything was finalized. And by “everything”, I mean a very long and complex set of negotiations and agreements. Just to give you some context, a contemporary NASCAR video game has over 1,000 licensed and approved properties in it. That’s a lot of stakeholders and people to get organized!

DMi’s CEO is Tom Dusenberry. Tom was the founder & President of Hasbro Interactive – which is where we met several years ago. Tom has an incredible background in publishing and interactive entertainment. He is also a HUGE NASCAR fan!

DMi has a long-term license with NASCAR to develop & publish a wide range of games across pretty much any interactive entertainment platform you can imagine – including console, PC and mobile. Our focus is on quality games for NASCAR fans and a wide range of different types of games for all NASCAR fans. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina - right in the heart of NASCAR-country.

We are already hard at work on several new games including an all-new NASCAR racing sim created by DMi for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC that we expect to release in 2016. Stay tuned for further information on that and other DMi games coming your way!

What about Eutechnyx?
Eutechnyx has been NASCAR’s licensee for video games since 2010. As part of our deal, DMi acquired certain NASCAR-related assets from Eutechnyx including core art assets such as tracks and cars. These provide DMi a starting place as we create our new games. We also acquired some existing NASCAR games – including NASCAR Manager, which we will be re-releasing soon.

Prior to the DMi transaction, Eutechnyx was working on a 2015 update to their NASCAR ’14 game (“NASCAR ’15”). It is not an all-new game but rather a season update to the existing game along with some fixes. That game will be released this Spring - online only – for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. But it will not be a DMi game; the first DMi sim game will be in 2016 as mentioned above. Stay tuned for more information on that as well.

Tell me what is going on!
Well, hopefully, I just did. At least an introductory part of it. I apologize that there wasn’t any notice or a lot of information released previously. It truly was a secret that had to be kept until all facets of the deals were complete – which all came together on New Years Eve. At that point, the NASCAR-related web sites that were online had to be closed as DMi took over the NASCAR license from Eutechnyx. Now that we are back to work after the holidays, we’re finally in a position to start releasing information about our new company.

We are thrilled to become part of the NASCAR gaming family. And we look forward to entertaining you with high-quality NASCAR games for many years to come!

DMi Games

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