High Performance Vision Associates Partners with Alcon to Share Vision Innovation with Hendrick Motorsports' Pit Crew Athletes

Getting a car off pit row can be the difference between winning and losing – that's the blink of an eye. World-class auto racing team, Hendrick Motorsports, has recently worked with High Performance Vision Associates and Alcon's DAILIES® TOTAL1®contact lens brand to help test, and bring the latest advancements in vision care technology to its roster of elite pit crew athletes.

"We recognize that precise vision is absolutely essential to the success of our racing team," said Andy Papathanassiou, Director of Human Performance, Hendrick Motorsports.  "From strength and conditioning to nutrition, we put our pit crew athletes through training regimens comparable to any other professional sports team. Working with this "A"-Team of sports vision doctors to test the vision of all our athletes will help to achieve the highest standards of performance." 

As part of the program, High Performance Vision Associates – a group of sports-minded eye care practitioners –conducted a first-of-its-kind vision "training camp" on site at the Hendrick Motorsports headquarters for nearly 50 of the organization's Hendrick pit crew athletes across the #5, #24, #48 and #88 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams.

"Our high performance vision testing uses the latest technology and training to help athletes determine how well their eyes perform, beyond the basic ability to see letters and objects clearly on a standard eye chart," said Dr. Don Teig, founder of High Performance Vision Associates. "We start by measuring each athlete's visual acuity, eye-hand coordination, contrast sensitivity and reaction time to assess how well an athlete sees and then provide a game plan to address areas of improvement."

To provide the best eye care for athletes, Teig also spends time educating both athletes and trainers on the latest advancements and technology available. 

"Like any working professional, these athletes put in long hours and need to be completely focused on the task at hand.  They cannot afford to deal with missteps or "fumbles" that stem from vision issues or eye discomfort," continued Dr. Teig.  "With more than a decade of product development, the Alcon DAILIES® TOTAL1® contact lens is the most high-tech lens on the market, combining, for the first time, the highest breathability1 and an exceptional, game-changing comfort that lasts all day.2"

"We were incredibly excited to visit Hendrick Motorsports and its impressive team of athletes," said Robert Kinzie, Brand Manager, Alcon DAILIES® TOTAL1®. "Performance is at the heart of the DAILIES® TOTAL1® brand and we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate lens-wearing experience for high-performance elite athletes, weekend warriors or everyday consumers."

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