Harvick OK with Keselowski’s driving, as long as he’s willing to fight

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Monday, Nov 03 1497

Kevin Harvick says he has no problem with the way Brad Keselowski races, as long as Keselowski is willing to back it up outside the car.

In fact, Harvick gave Keselowski a shove toward a melee developing with Jeff Gordon after Sunday night’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, after Keselowski’s aggressive driving on a late restart cut Gordon’s left rear tire and dropped the four-time premier series champion from a chance for victory to a 29th-place finish.

“I didn’t get in the middle of anything,” Harvick said of the shove. “I just turned him around and told him to go fight his own fight.”

Gordon, Keselowski and their crewmen brawled on pit road after the race, leaving both drivers the worse for the wear, wiping specs of blood from their faces.

Harvick said the fisticuffs were a predictable result of Keselowski’s aggressiveness on the restart.

“I think he’s just racing as hard as he can for his team,” Harvick said. “He’s trying to get all he can. But when it gets down to that type of racing, those things are going to happen, exactly like they happened after the race tonight.

“But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, as long as you’re ready to roll… If you’re going to race like that, you’re going to have to man up at some point. I mean, he’s done it several times. Can’t just turn around and let everybody fight all the time without you in there—have to stand up for your actions at some point yourself.”