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No lucky underwear for Logano

Joe Menzer - NASCAR Wire Service Thursday, Oct 02 1900

A portion of Wednesday’s event at the NASCAR Hall involved drivers answering questions that had been submitted beforehand by fans. One asked drivers about their pre-race routines, to which Joey Logano responded the key is to “just make sure you eat enough. It’s a long race, so I eat a lot – a lot of pasta, a good Italian meal. ... No crazy, different things. No lucky underwear or anything like that. That’s just disgusting, so I don’t do that.

The next driver to attempt to answer the question was Matt Kenseth, sitting one seat over from Logano – who prompted Kenseth by saying, “He probably wears lucky underwear.”

Kenseth, whose dry sense of humor in the Sprint Cup garage is legendary, just smiled and replied that no, that wasn’t it at all. “I thought it was weird he wears underwear,” Kenseth deadpanned of Logano.

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