Ambrose and RPM Want to End Season with a Win

Marcos Ambrose and the STANLEY Racing team have one objective: end the season with a win. Before Ambrose heads to Australia, he and the No. 9 team hope to check one more box off the list and get a win on an oval.


Ambrose has 11 previous starts at the one-mile track with a best finish of ninth in the summer race in 2011. 



#9 @STANLEYRacing team and @MarcosAmbrose want to end season with a win. #NASCAR



@Marcos Ambrose #9 Fan Page and No. 9 @Stanley Racing team want to end season with a win.  



"It was good to get everything out last week because now we can just concentrate on the task at hand, and that's to win another race before the end of the season. I've spent many years at Richard Petty Motorsports, and we have a great relationship. Both of us want nothing more than to win before the end of the season. We will go to New Hampshire and the rest of the season trying to get a win. That would be a fitting way to end the season.


"New Hampshire is a tough track. These cars are made for banking, and this is a flat track. You really need to muscle the car around. You want to have some 'roll' in the center, but these cars don't have much roll to them. You then just have to work on getting front and rear grip. There are just a lot of things happening at this track. We've run well at times here and feel that we should run well this weekend."



Speedway Digest Staff

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