Thursday, Aug 11

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Pit Note #7: Kurt Busch Preparing For Double Duty

KURT BUSCH PREPARING FOR HIS DOUBLE DUTY WEEKEND – Kurt Busch had something of a dry run of his Memorial Day weekend double-duty. On Saturday morning, he participated in an Indianapolis 500 practice session and then flew into North Carolina in order to compete in the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, just as he will do next weekend for the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600.

This is just the beginning of Busch’s preparations. His media appearances have been scheduled around his racing obligations, and his nutrition calendar for the week is meticulously planned to help him have the strength and energy to successfully complete both races. 

In the days leading up to Sunday’s big events he will eat plenty of vegetables and protein-filled foods and will begin his carbohydrate loading on Friday night.  Between races, he will fly down to Charlotte with a nurse and a doctor that will assist him in the rehydration and recovery process.

Busch and his team will certainly have everything that they could need to keep him on track and healthy to potentially become both an Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 champion.

ALL-STAR QUALIFYING BRINGS THE SPEED -- All season, NASCAR fans have been able to enjoy the new qualifying format that sport has put in place.  The knockout rounds have kept them engaged and entertained in the qualifying process more than ever before.  However, as is always the case, Charlotte Motor Speedway is taking it one step further.

In this single-car qualifying session, drivers must make a mandatory pit stop on the second of three laps.  There is no speed limit coming onto pit road, and they can drive as fast as they would like when pulling back out onto the track.  It is every driver’s dream.

Although pit road will have a speed limit during Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race to keep all of the drivers safe, this qualifying format is sure to get both fans and drivers excited for the no-holds-barred racing that Saturday night’s million-dollar shootout will bring.

CANADIAN CAMPERS SOAK UP FIRST TRIP TO CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY – Doug Hill came all the way from Canada to experience the 10-Day Blockbuster of Racing. Despite being a first-time camper, Hill didn’t let his amateur status show when it came to the Tom Johnson Camping Center All-Star Weekend campsite decorating contest. With a colorful mix of Canadian flags and NASCAR memorabilia decorating his RV site, Hill and his wife won the contest hands down.



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