Thursday, Jul 07

Michael McDowell and Energize Ministries Reminds You to Pray for Your Pastor

In honor of clergy appreciation month Michael McDowell will be displaying a reminder to Pray For Your Pastor this week in Martinsville. The message is being presented by Energize Ministries of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Encouragement and providing better care for our pastors is what Energize Ministries is all about.

"Encouragement is something we all need," said McDowell.   "Pastors are not super human; they need our prayers and encouragement just like anyone else. Energize Ministries does a great job of reminding people of that and helping others discover simple and practical ways to support their pastors. It's an honor for me to help spread the Pray For Your Pastor reminder this weekend."

Energize Ministries will be on tour next year with a national Pray For Your Pastor campaign.

For more information on how you can get involved or help support their organization please visit In addition, you can follow Michael McDowell on Twitter at @Mc_Driver and follow Energize Ministries on Facebook.

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