Advance Testing to Contribute $12,000 to ASA BC Late Model Tour's Year End Point Fund

Tuesday, May 01 7248

John Ross, General Manager of Advance Testing and President of the ASA Advance Testing British Columbia Late Model Tour, has announced that he will be contributing $12,000 to the 2012 season point fund.  Ross announced the money would be distributed based on the points each competitor receives this season.

“This will work out to approximately $2.00 a point that is earned this season,” Ross announced.  “We hope this will encourage more competitors to come and race in our events this season.”

The ASA Advance Testing British Columbia Late Model Tour will kick off their second season on Saturday, June 9 at Agassiz Speedway in Agassiz, BC.  They also have events scheduled at Motoplex Speedway on June 30 (tentative), Saratoga Speedway on July 14, Penticton Speedway on August 4 & 5, and Western Speedway on August 24 & 25.

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