Danica Patrick on last lap wreck and no caution

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Sunday, 11 November 2012 20:28
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DANICA PATRICK, NO. 10 GODADDY.COM CHEVROLET – FINISHED 17th: WHAT HAPPENED IN TURNS THREE AND FOUR? “We had a green-white-checkered it was a nice exciting finish for the fans.  Got around (turns) one and two and came off had decent distance on the No. 31 and he went down and took the apron got down into (turn) three and I did not think he was near close enough to be on me going into (turn) three.  I left a little bit of room, not a ton of room for sure, but I think, Tony Gibson (crew chief) said he went down and talked to him and he said he just went in too deep.  Clipped my left-rear, spun me around and I just tried to limp back to the line.  I didn’t know exactly how much damage I had or what it was, but just trying to limp to the line and get the finish on the lead lap, whatever that was.  Still our best finish, but you always want more. I was 13th I think or something right around there and that would have been a really good finish.  Shoot, some days I would take that in a Nationwide car.”

HARD HIT ON THE FRONT STRETCH ARE YOU OKAY? “Yes, everything is fine.  Obviously, there was the glance in (turn) three and four, but I definitely got airborne down the front straight.  What is unfortunate is I’m pretty sure that the No. 39 was one of them.  I hope I didn’t cause a problem, but I think we have different cars for Homestead hopefully.  We don’t run our short-track cars on the big track right?  And we get new ones next year.  This will make for good charity crash damage body work.”

ON INCIDENT: "Green-white-checkered at the end. It was an exciting race at the end. Man, we save it all at the end in these Cup races. Came out of two on the back-straight, and with the No. 31 (Jeff Burton), and he took the apron. I already had a good distance coming out of two. The apron was not quicker all day long to make a pass, unless you had a big run going. So, got into three, and I think Tony Gibson (Crew Chief) went down and talked to him, and he (Burton) said 'I'm sorry, I just bonzaied. I just went in too deep." The No. 31 clipped me, I spun around, got it going again. Was on fire I think, and I was trying to get across the line. I was literally trying to drive into the wall then drive along it because I couldn't see. I don't know exactly what happened. I heard there might have been oil from me, or something. If so, I definitely wasn't intending to make a mess. But 17th...we were 13th, that's pretty good. Short tracks are not my strong suit."

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CAUTION NOT BEING CALLED? "Hmmmm. I'd have to see it. I think NASCAR does a good job of doing what's safe and what's right. We are all human though, and you also can't control the intangibles; anything can happen how there. That's why we watch right."

TONY GIBSON, CREW CHIEF, NO. 10 GODADDY RACING CHEVROLET: ON DANICA'S RACE: "Another great day. Everybody did a really good job today. She raced hard. She had some great runs today. She raced herself to the Lucky Dog there, and got a lap back. Then she was solid, man. She had a top-10, 12 car all day long. She deserved to finish 12th at least. But, she got wrecked by (Jeff) Burton. But, it's our best finish. 17th. We'll take that. But we know we were better than that. She's getting better, and better, and better. It just makes up pumped for next year.  She said herself, I wish we were going to Homestead. It is just pumping everybody up. It's exciting. I'm glad we got these two races in, because it just shows her she can drive and run with these guys. It puts confidence in our guys, that yes, she can do it. Around the whole table it is awesome."

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