MC10 and NASCAR Driver Paulie Harraka Team Up Again in Phoenix


MC10 and NASCAR Driver Paulie Harraka Team Up Again in Phoenix

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Friday, 09 November 2012 10:23
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MC10 and NASCAR Driver Paulie Harraka Team Up Again in Phoenix Getty Images


MC10 and NASCAR Nationwide Series driver,Paulie Harraka, continue to collaborate on the next generation of athletic performance monitoring devices at the Great Clips 200 Race on November 10, 2012 at the Phoenix International Raceway. Driving for Go Green Racing, Harraka will test MC10 products under the grueling conditions of a 200-mile course.

MC10 and Paulie Harraka first teamed up for a NASCAR World Truck Camping Series Race at the Martinsville Speedway in March 2012. In September, Harraka drove his first race in the Nationwide Series this season with Go Green Racing at the Richmond International Raceway.

“The Go Green Team and I started building momentum in Richmond, and Phoenix is a great next step for us to build on that,” said Harraka. “Phoenix is one of my favorite tracks in the country; it’s the perfect combination of short track and speedway. To be going there with a leading sportstechnology partner like MC10 makes it even more exciting. MC10’s products have the ability to transform our sport in so many ways, and I’m stoked to be at the cutting edge of these developments.”

MC10’s unique technology reshapes high-performance electronics into thin, conformal systems that enable biometric monitoring without distraction. Harraka has tested a number of MC10’s sports products, including a low-profile biostamp designed tooptimize hydration, minimize fatigue and deliver peak athletic performance.

“Paulie has a passion for integrating technology to help him perform better, making him an ideal partner for MC10,” said David Icke, CEO of MC10. “MC10’s sports systems give athletes the “seamless sensing” needed to get quality insights in the background. With this kind of information, athletes can learn more from training and make better decisions during competition.”

MC10’s innovative, skin-mounted performance monitoring sensors open the door to a multitude of applications. Because the technology is so thin, it can comfortably conform to the body and be embedded into virtually any form to monitor a variety of physiological systems and functions – from the heart to the brain to body temperature to hydration levels. When a sensing technology conforms to theathlete and not the other way around, it can capture more insights for longer periods of time without discomfort or distraction.

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