Itex to present Random Acts/Energize Ministries of Jason Bowles at Richmond


Itex to present Random Acts/Energize Ministries of Jason Bowles at Richmond

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Friday, 07 September 2012 10:45
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Itex to present Random Acts/Energize Ministries of Jason Bowles at Richmond MMPR

MacDonald Motorsports will highlight Random Acts again this week in Richmond.  This time however it will be with the help of ITEX, a national membership trade exchange!  When Don Swartz, a broker with ITEX of the Triad heard about the "pay it forward idea", he wanted to get on board and help.  Don and ITEX are also using this opportunity to help draw attention to one of their other members, a NC based non-profit - Energize Ministries.

“I love representing such a great group of people!" explained Bowles.  “It’s great to have companies such as ITEX to help raise awareness for groups such as Random Acts and Energize Ministries.   As far as the race, Richmond is one of my favorite tracks and I’ve been looking forward to getting back here since the spring race.  We’ve have a couple good finishes in a row here so hopefully we can keep that going Friday night.”

Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, ITEX Members make purchases with ITEX dollars - earned by selling their products and services, excess inventory or capacity to other ITEX Members.  Do you run ads?  Do you send brochures or other marketing material?  Need to hire a consultant, accountant or an attorney?  Do you need office equipment serviced?  With ITEX, you can acquire all of these services with ITEX dollars.  That's just the beginning. Want to take your customers or staff to lunch or dinner? Do you need a hotel room, a vacation or just a massage? Thousands of items can be purchased with ITEX dollars.

International Trade Exchange has a national reach.  Don Swartz, owner of the Wilmington franchise with an office in the Triad as well, has coordinated an effort with "Energize Ministries" to use trade to promote ITEX corporate as well as the NC reach, being from Charlotte to the Triad to the Triangle to Wilmington.  Please call 704-562-9111 for more information.

Random Acts is back on the MacDonald Motorsports No. 81 Dodge again this Friday night at Richmond.  Random Acts works to motivate people to demonstrate more kindness on a daily basis.  A stranger needs help carrying their groceries; a homebound neighbor could use some cheering up. These opportunities crop up every day and most of us are so busy that we miss them.  All you have to do is pay attention and offer kindness whenever, wherever you can.  To learn more about Random Acts and how to get involved, please visit

Energize Ministries will be prominently displayed on the No. 81 Dodge Challenger of Jason Bowles Friday night as well. Energize Ministries is passionate about loving, supporting and blessing those who lead ministry. With rising percentages of pastors facing burnout, we know it is essential to continually provide support, encouragement, and refreshment to pastors and other ministry leaders.  To learn more about Energize, please visit their website at

Energize ministries is constantly seeking opportunities to encourage pro active care and support for our pastors, ministers, and other spiritual leaders.  We are excited and thankful for the support of ITEX, MacDonald Motorsports, and driver Jason Bowles!


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